Golf Science

Using golf data analysis to improve your game

The intelligent golf mode of CyweeMotion can help you collecting swing data and analysis on every shot, providing one of the most cutting-edge experiences in golf.


Golf Solution

The CyweeMotion Golf Solution based on 6-axis fusion technology to record the users' play information, which can provide data such as time, calories, swing rhythm, backswing and downswing time, swing trajectory, and swing angle, to help users evaluate their numbers and achieve their goals.

  • time
  • calories
  • swing rhythm
  • backswing time
  • downswing time
  • swing trajectory
  • swing angle

swing rhythm

Swing rhythm is crucial for making a shot great.It is the speed of the whole swing, which determines the shot quality. The swing rhythm is the time ratio of the backswing and downswing. The best swing rhythm for pro golfers is 3:1 or 3.0.

swing trajectory

The swing trajectory shows the whole trajectory from the backswing to the downswing when swinging. Different colors for different swing trajectories help users adjust their swing angle and posture,giving the best chance of hitting good golf shots.

swing angle

Users can check the swing plane and angle to see if the backswing and downswing are on the same plane. This helps them know their swing power and posture, control the body-club coordination, and enhance the swing effectiveness to get a good shot.