Industrial leading sensor fusion technology provider Industrial leading sensor fusion technology provider
Industrial leading sensor fusion technology provider


CyweeMotion team has nearly 20 years of sensor related experience, we are the pioneering provider of sensor fusion technology in the industry. Until now, our sensor fusion solutions have been embedded in 150 million consumer electronics. In order to provide better services and approach to the targeting markets, the headquarter of CyweeMotion was transferred to Shenzhen. Currently, we have professional technology teams in both Taiwan and Shenzhen, and are able to develop or test products independently. In the future, we will keep upgrading our techniques and support our clients to become greater competitors of consumer electronics.







We supported Xiaomi to launch the first 3D spatial audio headset in China.

Shenzhen CyweeMotion Technology Co., Ltd. (CyweeMotion) was established.

Received funding from CMB International.

Entered into the market of smart wearable devices, helping OPPO, Keep and other brands to launch sports watches & bands.

Received $4.8million from Realtek Semiconductor.

cyweemotion Taiwan company established.

We change the world through the power of technology

CyweeMotion founding team is originally from Taiwan’s Industrial Technology Research Institute. Since 2003, our team has been devoted to the research of algorithm and applying developed algorithms to sensor related products, e.g. Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and consumer electronics. So far, we have gained nearly 20 years of industrial experience.

In 2014, Taiwan company was founded. Since established, we have contributed ourselves to the development of sensor fusion algorithm application. We provide plenty of solutions for clients who produce high-end smart phones, smart wearables, smart hearables, AR/VR, etc. Our gesture control, pedometer, exercise monitor, sleep monitor, localization and trajectory, 3D head tracking for spatial audio technology is beyond industrial leading standard.

In 2021, CyweeMotion established a Shenzhen company and started a brand new milestone. We will keep our initial goal, continuously search for new technology and create greater value for our clients and the society. Leading the world with technology and serving all mankind with diligence.

The world's first motion-sensing game controller

The world's first Embedded Sensor Fusion Hub Provider

The world's first sensor fusion software provider of smartphones

80+ Patents, creates multidimensional protection.

Until now, we have obtained more than 80 patents, forming a strong patent portfolio, covering 9-axis sensor fusion algorithms, sensor hub architecture (SHA) and sensor hub advanced applications (SHAA), which can provide perfect protection for different products and applications. Being the spear and shield of CyweeMotion, the patents have built up a solid foundation for our future.

80+ Patents, creates multidimensional protection.
20 Years Industrial Experience and Brand Copartnership
With the independently developed sensor fusion technology and algorithm basis, we have nearly 20 years of industrial experience and have promoted a series of patent technologies. So far, our profession has been approved by the market, and our technology has applied to high-end smart phones, smart wearables, smart hearables, IoT, AR/VR, etc. Our clients include Xiaomi, OPPO, Keep, 1 more, TCL, ZTE, Lenovo, Meizu, HTC, Mobvoi, Jeep, etc.