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Our Strength

Advanced & Innovative Technology

Remote/Mobile devices

5-axis → 6-axis → 9-axis

Acc, Gyro and Mag sensor fusion technology is used to develop remote controllers and mobile applications.

Remote/Mobile devices

Smart watch/Wristband

9-axis → 10-axis → machine learning

Motion sensor fusion technology, artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to develop relevant functions of smart watches and sports watches and other wearable devices.

Smart watch/Wristband

TWS & Headset

6-axis → Spatial audio fusion

Based on 6-axis sensors (3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope) to track head movement, the spatial sound will change according to head movement, creating an immersive experience.

TWS & Headset


Single motion capture → Multiple motion capture(Motion + image)

Motion and Imaging technologies are combined to develop 6DoF and SLAM solutions for AV/VR/IoT applications.

Industrial-leading Sensor Fusion Solution Provider
Talents & Teams

Talents & TeamsELITE TALENT

Fully experiencedHighly educated professional R&D teamTalent echelon construction

CyweeMotion is originally from the Industrial Technology Research Institute in Taiwan. The core team members all graduated from prestigious Universities and have nearly 20 years of sensor fusion professional knowledge and experience. Since CyweeMotion established, the team has continuously grown, and up to 70% of the member is R&D, this, become our main force for technology development and renovation.

Technology accumulation & creation

Technology accumulation & creation MANY FIELDS

Abundant functionsHigh stability & accuracyCross-platform operationCustomized solutions

Functional algorithm development. Base on the self-developed sensor fusion technology and recognition algorithm, we create a series of products that can widely apply to smart wearables, smart hearables, smart phones, AR/VR, IoT, etc. we will continuously innovate technology and create greater social value.