Smart Hearables Smart Hearables

Smart Hearables

Algorithm introduction

  • 3D head tracking for spatial audio

    3D head tracking for spatial audio

    CyweeMotion's 6-axis sensor fusion head tracking solution can perfectly produce 3D spatial sound effects (5.1 and 7.1 channels). When you are watching movies, listening to music, or playing games, the spatial sound will change according to your head movement, creating an immersive experience for you.
  • Head Gesture Control

    Head Gesture Control

    With the head gesture detection algorithm, it can detect head movements that allow you to pick up or reject incoming calls via turning your head, nodding, or shaking your head twice.
  • Wide Area Tap

    Wide Area Tap

    Users can enable various operations (such as music playback or phone calls) by not only physically tapping the earbuds, but also by tapping the areas around the ears.
  • Activity recognition for ANC

    Activity recognition for ANC

    Based on CWM’s scientific algorithm, it can intelligently learn and recognize user's activity. At present, it can support still, walking, and running. Therefore it can switch the background music intelligently according to user's activity scenario, bringing better auditory experience for you.
  • Neck Health Monitoring

    Neck Health Monitoring

    CyweeMotion neck health monitoring solution can monitor the weight bearing of user’s neck and perform neck health statistics.When the user was addicted to the game or worked for a long time in daily life, the headset can record the state of the neck and remind the user to relax with neck health courses.
  • Basic step counting

    Basic step counting

    When users are running outdoors, working out indoors and other scenarios, CyweeMotion's solution can automatically tracks all activity data like steps, distance, calories, step frequency and pace .
  • Sleep Monitoring

    Sleep Monitoring

    Based on CWM scientific algorithm, it can accurately identify user's sleep and awake state, and based on the preset state, intelligently stop music / white noise playback, trigger the device to enter into sleep mode.
  • Anti-Loss Mode/Fall Detection

    Anti-Loss Mode/Fall Detection

    When the devices drop, it can sound an alarm or displays an alert to avoid losing the headset. If there is no respond for a period of time, the device automatically determine that the user is in an emergency situations, and help to call for emergency services.

Product advantage

Abundant Functions

Abundant Functions

It supports 3D head tracking for spatial audio,gesture control, activity recognition, sleep monitoring etc., and can be used in most sports scenarios.

 High Accuracy & Stability

High Accuracy & Stability

It can collect large amounts of data based on multiple sensors, and constantly improve results through machine learning to achieve higher accuracy and stabler motion recognition & trajectory tracking.

Cross-platform Applications

Cross-platform Applications

CyweeMotion's motion sensing algorithm can operate on most of the world's well-known low-power microprocessors, single-chips and Bluetooth SoC.